Hi there.

If you're looking for me & my graphic design services, I've decided to trade under my own name.

The Christmas cards will still be Spring Bean Creations. So check out the card designs below, and see you at my new website.


Christmas Cards for sale!
Designs by me. Email me if you want to buy some -

The sale of these Christmas cards is helping to raise funds for a mission trip to Thailand
- and I'm not even going!

Original, high quality, professionally produced Christmas cards, designed & printed in Brisbane.
* 6 colourful designs
* All original & Australian made
* Single Pack - $5 for 10 cards (10x1 design or 5x2 designs)
* Multi Pack - $6 for 12 cards (6x2 designs)
* All cards come with envelopes
* $6 delivery, flat-rate, anywhere in Australia

Card text
The 'Wrong Turn', 'Sheep' & 'Joy To The World' Christmas cards have text inside.

The "Peace Love Joy", "Holiday" & "Lost Bet" Christmas cards are blank inside.

Copyright 2015 Geoff Rankin - Brisbane, Australia